The P4G partnership combines experience in the fields of information and learning technologies, learning, and training systems for schools, universities, vocational education (VET) and unemployed people. The partnership includes pedagogical, didactical and technical competences on online learning and games (NKUA; LIUC; DCU) and learning and teaching competences on Secondary Schools, Universities and VET Systems (MEM, BIA, NKUA; LIUC, FPM).
All partners have experience in using games for didactic purposes and in their own countries they have supported local desk research to examine the use of web-based business games in promoting and delivering learning and VET information and have investigated the national educational programs for students.

In addition, the wide experience of Science View in the dissemination of the results of international projects in the field of e-learning, combined with the skills developed by FPM in management and coordination, assure that project results will be demonstrated and implemented on a wide scale.

The P4G partners:

FPM, Italy
LIUC, Italy
NKUA, Greece
MEM, Turkey
DCU, Ireland
HRW, Germany
BIA, Bulgaria
Science View, Greece


partners map